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VPN Dallas FC - AVL IX Champions

Discussion in 'Hall of Champions' started by Vahlstrom, May 28, 2016.

  1. Vahlstrom Member

    Nov 5, 2014
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    The past three seasons of the American Virtual League has seen two surprise winners. This AVL made it three. The season started off with a brand new fantasy styled draft system, apposed to the familiar bidding system. This new approach did give a lot of interest, but quickly lost favour once the season got under way. There were no strong favourites this time around. This frustrated many players as the level of play wasn't where it should have been. Most players are regarding this as one of the worst AVL's. Nonetheless, this still was one of FVPAA's premier competitions, and the champions should be honored no different than the ones before.

    Dallas FC, you couldn't imagine them winning a title could you? Havens made Mr. Golden Boot, Thibeault x as his first round pick. This has highly criticized as many assumed there were better options before him or that he can only score when he has a good team around him. Havens continued in the draft selecting above average to unknown players. This lead to everyone thinking that Dallas would end up as a mid-table team. Thibeault looked to have a quiet season as his supply did not look strong at all.

    Despite a slow start, Dallas finished the season with an impressive 16 game unbeaten streak. Their cross first mentally was not the most appealing to the rest of the league, but it got them 2nd in the American League and secured yet another Golden Boot for Thibeault. I must mention they did all this with an unlikely CAM in Havens l 6 l, yes Havens l 6 l played CAM. A crucial position very few are capable of playing at an elite level, but he somehow managed to pull through and not bring down his team. Their playoff run was backed by another surprise in l Geezus l. His performance during playoffs was vital to their championship win. Already picking up a TOTS, he backed his claim as a top GK with two MOTM performances in playoffs. Thibeault drove the offence as the team's target man executed when it mattered most. Dallas FC, a team with players who did not see one title going into the season, are now apart of a cast of players who have lifted the AVL trophy.

    Championship XI

    assassin.png barrack.png duces.png havens.png quag.png txtx.png vanb.png clutch.png brig.png geez.png tbo.png


    arab.png barrack.png benat.png boone.png briggs.png clutch.png duces.png fatal.png havens.png matthias.png quag.png tbo.png twisted.png txb.png TXTX.png yankee.png

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