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Pastor Dave's Sunday Sermon - Week 1 ACL XVI

Discussion in 'Pro Clubs Media' started by TheePastorDave, May 23, 2017.

  1. TheePastorDave New Member

    Dec 22, 2014
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    With the first week of the new season in the books, it is time to look back on all of the highs and the lows. Viva has once again taken flight early on, grabbing all 18 points in their first 6 games on the back of an offense who scored 19 goals. Eclipse find themselves sitting in the Number 2 spot, on the back of a strong defensive start yet again, conceding only 3 goals through 6 games. Rounding out the Top 3 is Estrellas, who for many of us hold an aura of uncertainty. This is a team who consistently competes in ACL’s sister competition, the FMVP, but has now come to ACL to prove their dominance over ACL’s Best. NU have shaken off their poor start to ACL XV and instead, have continued their strong form from the end of last season. They are sitting 4th in the current table with a solid Goal Differential. Elusive sit in 5th, but with some odd stats so far this season. They are the only team in the Top 6 who have no scored double digit goals and currently have the least amount of goals scored by all team in the Top 8. However, they are the best defensive team, only conceding 2 goals through 6 matches. Only time will tell if so many 1-0 wins and 1-1 draws will be enough to make another playoff push.

    Old Guard and Quality sit in 6th and 7th respectively, while tied on points at 11. With as many goals as OG have scored so far, one would think they would be higher in the table. However, 4-0 drubbings of both Infinite and Bang Nation significantly alter their GD through the first week. Quality has had a fair showing, scoring a few and not conceding many. This is a team with several veterans, so as chemistry comes, so will the goals. The artist formerly known as Rare Footage makes a surprise appearance this low in the table after two successive seasons of strong regular season performances. Maybe the idea of an underdog story suits their playoff hopes better, or maybe the influx of new players just hasn’t made a “big bang" just yet…anyways, we will see if RF can shake off a slow start to finish this season strong. Our current Back-to-Back Champs AO sit in 9th, tied on points with Arrechos. After two seasons of AO taking home the title, there is absolutely no reason to expect them not to move up in the standings as the weeks progress. With Arrechos, it is hard to tell what will happen. They have seasons of being in the D1 playoff race and others where a win in the D2 promo tourney saves their D1 spot. With the competition at its highest in a long time this season, it will be interesting to see what they accomplish.

    After being in the D1 Finals two seasons go, Bang Nation find themselves on a major decline. They barely missed the postseason in ACL XV but then had their roster raided by RF. They now found themselves scoring less and conceding more. 6 points in 6 will not be enough every week for real playoff hopes. Newly promoted, Soul Futbol, also find themselves in BN’s situation. However, for a team coming into D1, 12th place is not a bad place to be. This team could very well upset some teams who overlook them and be fighting for playoff hopes come season’s end. Or they could flop worse than JaMarcus Russell and Mark Sanchez combined. Time will tell. Serenity returns after their long absence and amazingly sit very low in the current table. Now there is no reason to count this team out, especially after watching some of the strong playoff pushes over the last 2 seasons, AO in XIV and NU in XV. This team has a strong cast of players, so expect more over the coming weeks. The other two FMVP teams to join ACL this season are 2Much4You and Street Touch. Because of my lack of knowledge of that league and these teams, I can only look at our current stats this season. Both teams have only picked up 1 win a piece while having -4 and -5 GD respectively. Are these teams better than their current place? Maybe, but they have a long way to go to compete for a D1 Title this ACL Season.

    In the Bottom 5 sit Rampage aka Boca, Elite Exile, Infinite, Bananaz, and Fatal Futbol. In a typical season, it is no surprise to see newly promoted D2 teams sitting this low in the table after Week 1. For starters, they are just now getting used to playing against much better talent consistently and having to adjust their play style to meet the level required to compete in D1. The entire bottom half of the table is only separated by 4 points after Week 1 however, so there is plenty of room to improve and make a new for themselves. Now, the surprising aspect of these Bottom 5 teams is the inclusion of Banana. This is a team who lost out on a chance in the Finals of ACL XV after losing to Viva 4-5 on aggregate in the Semis. The question becomes, was their success based solely on their former roster or was it the use of the height advantage? After scoring 4 goals on Viva, of all teams, in the Semis, it is strange that this team has only scored 3 through 6 games to begin AXL XVI.

    This ACL Season is already shaping up to be an excellent test of competition and character. The quest for ACL XVI Stardom continues...