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Most Decorated - ACL XIII Champions

Discussion in 'Hall of Champions' started by Vahlstrom, Aug 10, 2016.

  1. Vahlstrom Member

    Nov 5, 2014
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    After a 7-0 demolition of FC Dragonz in the first ACL of FIFA 16, it seemed like Viva Futbol had already closed the books on the remaining ACL’s of this FIFA. That however was far from the case when Never Unlucky rose to fame in ACL 12. A surprising regular season was topped off with an even more surprising championship and it seemed that the tides might have finally shifted. Was the Viva/Serenity dominance over? After Serenity folding, a new rivalry was formed.
    Never Unlucky vs. Viva Futbol.

    In the following off-season, there were many voices around the league discussing the possible formation of a “supa team”. Viva Futbol had a plan to regain their dominance over the league and oh my, were we in for something special. The voices around the league were not wrong; a super team was in fact formed. Viva Futbol came in to ACL 13 under a new name, Most Decorated. With key pickup Aztecas l 8 l who went on to be clean sheet leader, they strengthened an already formidable defensive line. FHz Vallejos 8 returned home to break his curse. Top Mexican GK, FwC Kahn, was called upon to sit behind the Great Wall of China. With not a single weakness in the team, it was title or bust. The pressure was on them, but these are players who are not scared of pressure, they in fact thrive on pressure.

    MD went in to the season guns blazing, and showed no sign of letting up. They started of the season by going 17 games unbeaten. MD, however, was not the only team who went in to the season guns blazing. Their rivals, Never Unlucky, were right there with them posting almost the exact same stat lines. MD finished the regular season with only 2 losses but had almost a league leading 10 draws, which saw them finish in 2nd place, 1 point behind Never Unlucky.

    As we all know though, regular season has very little reflection on playoffs. An NU vs. MD finals matchup was expected but NU showed weaknesses in their game while being eliminated by Eclipse and MD showed that they were in fact the best in the league. After a rather silent regular season, Draxler x10 came to life and showed why he is the best striker in FVPAA with game changing performances. Vallejos silently went about his way consistently showing why he is one of the top DM’s in this game. MD went unbeaten in the playoffs and reclaimed what was truly theirs. These lads showed that they are in fact the “Most Decorated” players in this community. MD will go in to FIFA 17 under their original name (Viva Futbol) as champions and will look to use the talent they have picked up this season and go Back2Back.


    aztecas.png draxler.png gringo.png kahn.png omar.png pep.png pony.png ramani.png rewind.png suarez.png vallejos.png
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