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League of Regions '16 Champions

Discussion in 'Hall of Champions' started by Ao I Cheeky, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. Ao I Cheeky #FtcAdmin
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    Aug 29, 2014
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    MW lor.jpg

    Two years after the first ever League of Regions on FIFA 14, one thing can be assured, Midwest is a force to be reckoned with within the VPN community. Two years ago Midwest finished 4th and made it to the finals. Though they lost a heart breaker to New York by way of Golden Goal, that didn't deter Midwest. Two years later, to end FIFA 16, Midwest reloaded and came back with an even stronger squad. Midwest saw the return of players like l Kevinho l , TGxCFD15 , Itz Hotpants & Pony vF, fresh off of his ACL championship run. The Youthful Cannavaro l 5 l was at the helm this go round and called upon the likes of Aztecas vF, FHz Ozil 11, & ll Foehammer ll to add to the already strong core. Sprinkle in some more D1 level talent and the inclusion of Unlucky Masters as his designated player, Canna and the rest of the Midwest became some world beaters. With easily the best squad from DM back, there was only one question that needed to be answered. Who was going to help score goals? In what can only be seen as a master stroke, Cannavaro shook up the line up and ran Aztecas at CAM & Hotpants at CB throughout the season. Letting Aztecas and Pony run wild in the midfield caused trouble for their opponents.
    When the dust settled, Midwest finished 3rd. After defeating New York B, squeaking past Great Lakes and outlasting New York, Midwest met up with Mid Atlantic in the finals. The 2 loss 1st place team conceded only 6 goals the whole season and won clean sheet leader by a large margin. It appeared the run for the Midwest was going to come to an end. The first leg was a battle of wills that ended 0-0. The first goal of the finals came from FHz Ozil 11. After what seemed like a million awkward bounces, Ozil netted a 22nd minute goal that only the great Calvo could rival. In stoppage time of the first half, instead of bringing a ball down, a MA player cleared the ball back towards his box. Midwest took advantage of the boneheaded move and strung a few good passes together to find Ozil at the back post to convert his 2nd goal. Mid Atlantic were down but not out. They roared back to equalize, netting goals in the 57th and 75th. It was all for naught though. It was signed, sealed and delivered on a corner in the 79th. Aztecas' cross found Masters' head at the near post and he flicked it to a rushing Pridemaster that kicked in the winner. The final 12 minutes flew by, an when the whistle blew, there was a new League of Regions Champion.

    WINNING 11
    LoR lineup.jpg

    aj.png barrra.png canna.png driz.png foe.png hotp.png kev.png nene.png ozi.png pony.png pride.png puf.png tecas.png tg.png bark.png

    UnluckyMasters3 Barrack87 Cannavaro l 5 l II Foehammer II Itz Hotpants Space Jam XVII l Kevinho l x APUF x Aztecas l 8 l TGxCFD15