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iFVPA USA - The Reclamation

Discussion in 'Hall of Champions' started by Vahlstrom, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. Vahlstrom Member

    Nov 5, 2014
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    The Kings of North America

    Spring 2013, USA claims the Copa America title. With the likes of Dirty, Streets, TG and Gravy, this proved to be a legendary team that was miles ahead of its competition. Only Mexico being the one nation that could possibly throw them off. Surprisingly this team was managed by someone who did not even see the field. USA was set to be the favourite in every single international competition. Anything but titles would have been seen as a failure and a disappointment. Their squad contained immense skill and depth, a deadly combination translating to success. But could the powerhouse reign atop of the international level?

    Gold Cup 2013

    A few months after their Copa America win, USA had their eyes on the Gold Cup. This squad saw similar faces from the original Copa America team, but also fresh players in the line-up. El Pony and Kid Goon were the duo on the back line. The midfield was anchored by Legend l 5 l (Janye). The road to the final proved to be a fairly comfortable one for the Americans, as their rivals, Mexico were taken out by the controversial Canadian team. This set up a final for the ages.

    USA opened the scoring in game one, a volley from Andressi gave the Americans the lead, but a blunder by Iker in the dying minutes allowed Franc to tie the score at one. The second game also ended in a tie, with the Americans scoring off a PK and the Canadians burying one at the other end. Game 3, saw THE greatest goalkeeping performance of all time from Deen. It started off with a penalty save after a foolish tackle in the box which saw a Canadian receive a red. It got worse for Canada after another player had been sent off. Then began the series of saves. Time after time Deen came up strong. Whether it was 2 on 1s, flicks, shots outside the box, or crosses. USA had thrown everything against a 9 man team, yet they couldn't solve Deen. Did I forget to mention that game was golden goal scenario? So was game 4, where "x hop 0ff me x" told Kid Goon to hop off the field when he gave him the heel to heel flick and belted a shot, bar down to give Canada the win.

    The Downfall

    After Drew Haber stepped down as USA Manager, Calvo and Sir Marcus were next to try and reclaim the glory the Americans once had. USA was out for revenge as they met up with Canada in the semi-finals. For a 2nd straight time they came up short, losing to the Canadians 3-1 in two legs. But this tournament did not have its final. Team Canada was exposed of using 4 illegal players. This resulted in the 2014 Gold Cup being cancelled. Although Canada did use illegal players, they still did not match the skill and depth of USA. Facing an entirely Canadian-born back line, USA struggled to score or make any impact in the game. People failed to realize the real problem with that loss. The managers relied heavily on the excuse that Canada fielded illegal players. Which they did, but that shouldn't affect the play of the Americans. USA under-performed and the better team should've won, but failed to do so.

    The Committee and Continued Failure

    After the events of the 2014 Gold Cup, the tournament was retired for the time being. The return of the Copa America in 2015 sparked interest in many American players. There was plenty of debate on who should have been on the USA Roster. Even in 2014, there were controversial decisions made by Calvo and Marcus. They neglected certain players due to personality or "political" reasons. A committee was elected to run the national team. This committee's members consisted of Marcus, Fitz, Calvo, TG and Gordon. Calvo being the main leader on the pitch.

    USA, again were favourites to lift the Copa America. They ran into Peru during the knockout stages and the team couldn't break down the well structured Peruvians. An impressive defensive play by Peru saw them upset the favourites of the tournament, which allowed their rivals, Mexico, to take the title. A 3rd consecutive bow out from the Americans. This lead to the end of the committee and the resigning of USA manager, Calvo.

    Who was to blame this time? It wasn't Canada. It was another under performing display lead by Calvo and Marcus. USA had come up short again, even after Marcus had claimed that his team would win the Gold Cup with ease.

    Another returning tournament was introduced in the same year, the World Cup. This was USA's chance to silence all critics and regain the reputation they once had. The final resulted in USA being handed another loss, this time by France. Many would say that France did not play their best football and USA should've won with the amount of skill on their team. After all the controversy, committees, and discussion. USA had the team to win, but nothing to show for.

    The Resurgence

    2016, Andressi and Streets are appointed the task of managing USA. The team quickly found success playing with each other. Andressi made the choice of bringing up Marsbars. Mars was ignored solely on his personality by the committee although he is arguably one the best centerbacks in the game. This proved to be a vital choice by Andres, as Mars was a huge part to the strong American defence. USA dominated the 2016 Copa America. After 3 years of failure, the Americans captured the title. It didn't stop there as they went on to the World Cup and defeated reigning champions, France, to secure a 2nd title.

    Andressi and Streets had lead USA to a Copa America and World Cup title, the only managers to do so.

    When you look back now at all the stuff that happened to USA in its darker years. It looks kind of silly. There was too much hype and complications from the managers. Andressi and Streets kept it straight forward and did the talking on the field. There can't be any argument anymore, USA found no success under Calvo, Marcus and the committee. USA found the success they always should have had after receiving its new managers. 2 titles within months vs No titles in 2 years.

    USA now have been brought back to the top, and are now the team to beat.

    World Cup Champions!

    andres.png balo.png bottle.png drax.png gordon.png mars.png nene.png omar.png ozil.png ramani.png streets.png tg.png

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  2. Ao I Cheeky #FtcAdmin
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    Aug 29, 2014
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    Great write up. I helped pick the current regime

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  3. Staff Member

    Nov 5, 2014
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