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FIFA 17 Premier League March POTM Predictions - Lukaku & King|FIFAAH

Discussion in 'Club Recruitment' started by IreneMackenzie, Mar 24, 2017.

  1. IreneMackenzie New Member

    Mar 24, 2017
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    Lukaku - 4 goals 2 assist in 3 games

    There is no doubt that Lukaku has amazing performance in this season, who is the Top Scorer in Premier League. Romelu has been on fire this month, getting himself 4 goals along with 2 assists. While, the performance of Everton only won 2 games this moth, as Lukaku’s goals didn’t lead to a win. This month it will be extremely tight like last month between Kane and Lukaku, what would happen between Lukaku and King? With the performance of Lukaku, it is 90% that he will be POTM of March. Premier League March POTM will most likely be announced on 7/4!

    Lukaku FIFA 17 March POTM SBC Investment

    1.Belgium players that play in Premier League. Alderwireld, Courtious, Vertonghen etc.

    2.Everton IFs

    3.EPL high rated IFs, 83 or higher e.g. Shawcross, Liorente etc.

    4.Always good to pick up cheap high rated EPL Players.

    Lukaku has played for these teams:


    West Bromwich Albion



    We would cover all these teams, but at least 2-4 players from each team.

    Josh King - 4 goals, 1 assis

    King has excellent performance in this moth who lead Bournemouth win against West Ham, contributed a hat trickt, in a 1-1 draw with Manchester United ,contributed 1 goal. As you see, that King scored important goals to help him win the FIFA 17 March Premier League POTM. 92 pace, 80 shooting, and 80 dribbling on a 74 rated card for FIFA 17 Josh King now, what’ surprise we will see?

    Josh King FIFA 17 March POTM SBC Investment Tips

    Norweigan Players, higher rated the better!

    Bournemouth IFs

    Bournemouth players

    EPL IFs 74+ Rated

    EPL Silvers, King is silver and they could require full EPL silver team

    EPL 80+ rated players

    Teams Josh King has played for:

    Manchester United

    Borussia Mongengladbach - Loan

    Preston - Loan

    Hull City - Loan

    Blackburn Rovers

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