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AVL X Rulebook

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by That Bottleface, Jan 2, 2017.

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    Nov 5, 2014
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    American Virtual League is set to begin on January 3rd, 2017

    1.1 League Format

    · 1 divisions of 18 teams
    · Managers are chosen based on experience and their perceived ability to maintain and run a team for the full season.
    · Teams will play each team twice
    · There will be no free reschedules for AVL X. If both teams agree to reschedule prior to game time reschedules will be granted, if not the game must be played.

    1.1a Draft League

    · Teams will randomly be assigned their draft order
    · Draft will snake (Round 1 will draft picks 1-18, then round 2 will be 18 - 1)
    · Teams can only draft one GK until all teams have a GK
    · Draft timers will be set at 60 seconds
    · Max # of 5 players from same ACL team allowed per AVL team (manager included)
    · If a manager takes too long while drafting, his pick is paused until after the next manager drafts. After that, the pick returns to the manager in which he has 30 seconds to decide

    1.1b Free Agency

    · All players not drafted will be added to the FA list
    · Free Agents may be added at any time during regular season
    · Max roster limit of 18 players

    · Teams are NOT permitted to drop players throughout the season. [See Rule 8.4 for Blacklisting]

    1.2 League Schedule

    Regular season starts on January 3rd
    Games will take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays at 10:00 PM and 10:40 PM EST.

    1.3 Playoff Rules

    Top 10 from each division will advance to the playoffs. [1st & 2nd place teams have 1st round bye.]
    All knockout stage rounds have two legs. The club with the better score on aggregate will advance. There are no away goals. In case of a tie, further matches are to be played using the golden goal rule until a victor emerges. The first golden goal match will be hosted by the club that hosted the first leg.

    2.1 Tolerance Time

    Communication must be established between both managers within the first 15 minutes following the scheduled game time. Either manager may ask to delay the game's start time by 15 minutes. If communication is not established between managers within the first 15 minutes, the manager that tried to initiate communication may file for a forfeit win. However, before doing so, the manager must contact a site admin and receive approval to file for the win.

    Please note that as a matter of principle, we do not want to see any forfeits in this competition. Forfeit wins are damaging to the league and counter-productive to what we aim to achieve as a community. As a manager, your number one priority should be to play the games, and not to file for forfeit wins based on the technicalities of the rule book. We ask that managers grant each other a reasonable degree of leniency whenever it is possible. This includes waiting beyond the 15 minute tolerance period if the opposition needs a few extra minutes. However, this principle goes the other way as well. We ask that managers who need a few extra minutes to notify their opposition well in advance (and save proof of this), and we also ask that they limit the number of requested delays (i.e. do not abuse other people's generosity). Evidence of repeated requests to delay matches will lead to punishment from the site admins. Facebook posts (without tagging managers) are not deemed as a proper method to contact an opposing manager, they will be ignored. Managers should always PM through Facebook, the Forums, or Xbox Live (screenshot) when wanting to ask for 15 minutes.

    2.2 Pre-Game Setup

    To begin the process of starting a game, each club must meet the following requirements:
    Each player in the match lobby must be on the club's roster in the VPN App.
    Each club must have at least 8 players in the lobby.
    Each club must have a player in the ANY position. This player CANNOT be the goalkeeper.
    Each club must have a player in the GK position (unless previously agreed upon by both teams)
    Each club's captain must be a player with stable connection. This player must be hosting from North America.
    If a team breaks any of these rules, an automatic forfeit win may be demanded by the affected team if conclusive proof is provided.

    2.3 Hosting

    The club that is entered in the schedule as the home team (left-hand side on the VPN App) must be the one that sends the opposing club a friendly invitation. Make sure that each club has a captain who is located in North America and who is able to support a good connection.

    2.4 Pre-Game Connection Issues

    If there is a connection issue whereby clubs can not connect into a game lobby, make contact with management of the opposing team and make an attempt to fix the connection issue.

    2.5 Mid-Game Connection Issues

    Clubs have the ability to back out of the game due to bad connection before the 10 minute mark. Clubs may back out in this fashion 3 times. On the fourth attempt, the game must be played.

    If the Goalkeeper lags out after the 10th minute of game play, the club may back out at half time. Clubs should only play one half of the next game. If the Goalkeeper lags out during the second half, just finish the game.

    If the ANY lags out after the 10th minute of game play, the club may back out at half time. Clubs should only play one half of the next game. If the ANY lags out during the second half, just finish the game.

    If the club has 7 or fewer players remaining (due to lag-outs) after the 10th minute of game play, the club may back out at half time. Clubs should only play one half of the next game. If this situation occurs during the second half, just finish the game.

    2.6 Goals Scored During Back-Out

    Any goals scored during the process of backing out will roll over to the restarted game, so make sure the ball is far away from danger before backing out.

    2.7 Reschedules During Playoffs

    Any request to reschedule a knockout stage match must first be approved by a site admin. In the event that no approval is given and the knockout stage match is not played on time, a forfeit win may be awarded to either team or both teams may be disqualified from the tournament.

    3.1 Game Play Conduct (VOIDED)

    When changing the set piece taker on corners and free kicks, clubs must wait at least 2 seconds for the black screen to disappear. Any goal scored while using this exploit will be removed and management may receive a warning/suspension.

    Evidence of any game play that appears to veer from "normal" game play may be reviewed and penalized by the site admins. This includes glitching, hacking, or any other non-regular game play.

    3.2 Goalkeeper Interference

    Goalkeeper interference is prohibited if it results in a goal or any other game-changing situation. Sufficient evidence of this happening may lead to removal of a goal from the final score, a warning/suspension to the club's manager(s), and a warning/suspension to the player that committed the infraction. Sufficient evidence of goalkeeper interference means video footage of the incident from different camera angles, with the camera: (1) focusing on the affected GK, and (2) having a clear view of the ball and the player that ends up affecting the GK.

    Goalkeeper interference is given if a player from the opposing team impacts the goalkeeper, while the ball is dead or away from the play, in such a way that it moves the goalkeeper, causes him to perform an unnatural animation, or disables him from normal action. Goalkeeper interference is NOT given if: (1) a player is "locked on" to the ball, or (2) a player falls or performs an unnatural animation that directly or indirectly interferes with the goalkeeper.

    4.1 Restitution

    When any pre-game rule (listed in Sections 2.1 through 2.4) is broken, make sure video or photo evidence is taken. Then proceed with backing out of the game and filing a complaint to a site admin.

    If any rule is broken during the course of the game, proceed in returning the game play back to its original state as quickly as possible. Make sure to make the restitution clear and obvious to avoid any confusion. For example, in the event that a goal is scored due to a rule break (e.g. GK interference), be clear about your intentions and score an own goal. Neither goal will be recorded on the stat sheet if restitution is made. If you believe a club has violated a rule during game play and no restitution was made, proceed in filing a complaint to a site admin.

    4.2 Filing a Complaint

    To file a complaint, contact a site admin via PM with your complaint and any evidence that can be given to help your case, whether it be witnesses, audio evidence, or video evidence. Your complaint will then be reviewed by all site admins and an official ruling will be made.

    4.3 Scoreline Modifications

    If any pre-game rule is broken and your club chooses to complete the match anyway, your club loses the right to file a complaint and the score will stand. However, admins reserve the right to modify the score of a completed match if one of the following infractions occur and are proven to have occurred following match completion:
    A player in the match lobby is not on the club's roster in the VPN App.
    An illegal mid-game back-out occurred.
    GK Interference

    4.4 Rulings

    All site admins will vote on all issues. If a decision can't be reached among site admins, the case will be taken to VPN Administrators from other communities, or trustworthy consultants.

    4.5 Red Cards

    Any red card obtained in a regular season match does not result in a ban for the next match. However, any red card obtained in a knockout stage match does result in a ban for the next match. Under this interpretation, a golden goal match counts as "one" match. Therefore, if a player gets red-carded in the second leg of a knockout stage series, he must sit out the first golden goal match (if one is needed).

    5.1 Admin Conduct

    Site admins are expected to show respect to users at all times. The only exception is if extreme negative comments are directed toward a site admin or his club by another user. In this case, the site admin has the right, like any other user, to comment.

    5.2 User Conduct

    Users are expected to show respect to other users and staff members at all times. If there is evidence that a user's behavior is sufficiently disrespectful, the user will be reprimanded and may be suspended from current and future FVPAA competitions.

    5.3 Hacked Pros

    Hacking/glitching your pro is not allowed in any capacity. Evidence of hacking may result in severe penalties for the player, his manager, and the club. Penalties will be applied on a case-by-case basis and may include:
    Suspension or expulsion of the hacker from league play
    Suspension or expulsion of the hacker's manager(s) from league play
    Automatic forfeit of matches in which hacking occurred
    Loss of points in the league table (or automatic forfeit of playoff series)
    The "career mode glitch" (which is used to boost virtual pro ratings beyond normal levels) is considered hacking. The easiest way to identify players using this glitch is to view the detailed player statistics screen provided by the game at half time and full time. Observe the player's overall rating at the top of the screen. If it is higher than the maximum attainable rating for his position, please take a photo or video of the screen and contact a site admin.

    5.4 Secondary Accounts

    Creating secondary accounts on the VPN App is highly prohibited. There is absolutely no excuse to own two accounts on the VPN App for the purpose of "hiding" one's identity from other managers, the site admins, and/or the community. Sufficient evidence of users owning second accounts to disguise their identities will be reviewed and acted upon on a case-by-case basis.

    5.5 Club Folds (Mid-Season)

    Clubs that quit/fold mid-season are 100% unacceptable and are not tolerated under any condition. In such cases, penalties may be applied to the manager(s) of the folded club, which may include bans from competing in future FVPAA competitions.

    6.1 Fair Play Clause

    Admins reserve the right to prevent, reverse, and/or punish any actions that are deemed to be outside the spirit of fair play.

    7.1 Managers and Co-Managers

    Prior to each season, clubs are assigned a manager and a co-manager can be assigned to a player that is drafted .Managers are responsible for actions of the Co-Manager

    7.2 Transfer Budgets (N/A for AVL X)

    Each club is given a transfer budget of $77 million. The base values of the manager and co-manager are deducted from the club's transfer budget. So the initial transfer budget is $77 million less the base values of the manager and co-manager.

    Transfer budgets may increase or decrease in the following ways:
    Upon renewing players from the previous season (see Section 7.3)
    Upon signing free agents to the club (see Section 7.4)
    Upon executing trades with other clubs (see Section 7.5)
    Upon winning and losing games during the season

    7.3 Player Assignment

    Prior to the start of the season, players who have registered for the AVL are put into a free agent pool. A draft session then occurs in which club managers use their draft picks to sign players in the pool.

    7.4 Player Transfers


    Clubs are allowed to trade played up until Tuesday, January 3rd. at 9:59PM.

    Transfer window will be open after Fixture 18 is played (Thursday, January 19th) and close before fixture 19 is played (Tuesday, January 24th)

    Clubs must comply with the following roster requirements:

    Requirement 1:
    No AVL club may own more than 5 players from the same ACL club.

    7.6 Manager Resignations

    Managers are not permitted to step down from their clubs once the season has started. Co-managers, however, are permitted to step down at any time. Upon stepping down, they may not be traded away from their clubs for the duration of the season.

    7.7 Manager Removals

    Site admins reserve the right to remove a manager and/or co-manager at any time. If a manager is removed from a club, he may be replaced in the following ways:
    The club's co-manager will be given the opportunity to step up
    The club's players will be given the opportunity to step up
    Players from other clubs will be given the opportunity to step up (see Section 8.3)
    If a co-manager is removed from a club, the manager is permitted to fill the position with any player on his current roster. Alternatively, the manager may choose to not fill the position.

    8.1 External Manager Appointments

    If a manager is removed from Club A, players from other clubs will be given the opportunity to manage Club A for the rest of the season. This is intended to be a last resort option to save Club A from folding. In these situations, Club B, which has now lost one of its player to management, will be compensated. The manager of Club B may choose one player from Club A to add to his roster. However, the player chosen from Club A must have a player rank (e.g. League Icon, Superstar, Starter, First Team, Rookie) that is equal to or lower than the rank of the player leaving Club B.

    8.2 Minimum Playing Time

    Every player on a club is entitled to play a minimum of 1 game per week. If a player does not receive this minimum amount of playing time, he should request it from his club's managers. If the club's managers fail to deliver the minimum playing time upon request, the player should contact a site admin. Club managers who fail to deliver the minimum playing time to their players may face punishments, bans, or removal from their positions.

    8.3 Player Availability

    Every player on a club must be "available" to play a minimum of two match nights (4 games) a week. Being “available” means getting online and playing the games (in any position and to the best of one's ability) should the manager ask.

    Players who, prior to the season, anticipate significant availability issues may speak with a league admin about their availability. Any potential scheduling conflicts must be addressed with an admin BEFORE the draft.

    8.3a Draft Stock Tampering
    · Publicly stating that you won't play for a specific manager
    · Publicly stating that you won't be playing specific positions
    · Publicly stating that you'll only play the minimum if drafted by a certain manager
    · Publicly announcing availability issues in an attempt to decrease manager interest
    · Publicly announcing that you'll intentionally play bad
    · Repeating any of the above infractions but in a direct message to a manager is also forbidden

    8.4 Player Blacklists

    When a player is blacklisted, he is removed from the club's roster, and his transfer value gets added to the club's transfer budget. Additionally, the player is banned for the current season and may be banned for future FVPAA competitions.

    Players may be blacklisted by their managers for the following reasons:
    Refusal to respond to messages and/or not responding to messages for a week at a time
    Refusal to play for the club
    Refusal to play in the position requested by the manager
    Refusal to be "available" for at least two match days (4 games) a week
    Being unavailable for a week of games (or more) without notifying the manager
    Playing poorly on purpose
    Lagging out of a large number of matches
    Harassing/abusing club members or managers
    Missing a week's worth of games (6) at any time during the season

    Players may not be blacklisted for the following reasons
    Playing poorly, but not on purpose
    Not being liked by club members or managers

    8.5 Gamesmanship

    The following actions are characterized as gamesmanship and may result in bans from current and future FVPAA competitions:
    Using duplicate accounts on the VPN App
    Changing your gamer tag on the VPN App prior to bidding without notifying the community
    Changing your gamer tag or position on the VPN App during bidding
    Doing actions covered in 8.3a

    8.6 Ban Lengths

    Presented below is a guideline that admins will reference when deciding ban lengths for various offenses. Admins reserve the right to deviate from the stated ban lengths at any time. Repeat offenders may receive ban lengths that are longer than the ones stated below.
    Manager Resignations: banned from playing or managing in the current AVL season, the next AVL season, and for all or a portion of the next ACL season
    Manager Removals: banned from playing or managing in the current AVL season, the next AVL season, and for all or a portion of the next ACL season
    Player Blacklists: banned from playing or managing in the current AVL season, the next AVL season, and for all or a portion of the next ACL season
    Manager or Player Gamesmanship: banned from playing or managing in the current AVL season, the next AVL season, and for all or a portion of the next ACL season
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