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[AVL] Rule Book

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Draxla, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. Draxla New Member

    Aug 29, 2014
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    Marketing & Design
    The general rules will the be the same with these amendments:

    1.0 Contracts

    1.1 - After the initial bidding, players will negotiate with the team he/she has been bidded on with a contract. Contracts can be 1, 2, or 3 seasons, and the contract length is determined by the player. A manager cannot force a player to sign for longer than the player is willing to play.

    1.2 - Each team is allowed 30 total seasons to be placed on their players. After each season, contracts are replenished based on players leaving to where each team always has 30 total contract seasons.

    1.3 - After each season, teams can/will be rewarded extra contracts based on their performance in both league and cup competitions.

    2.0 transfers

    2.1 - Each team will have $75 mil to spend during the bidding and the subsequent free agent bidding that occurs throughout the season. Teams will not be allowed to go over this budget.

    2.2 - The amount paid for a player in the bidding will be considered their "market value". However, if a team chooses to sell a player, the fee can be negotiated by both the buying and selling teams.

    2.2.1 - The transfer value of a player does not reflect nor have a correlation with the players' 'weekly wage' (see below).

    3.0 Weekly Wages

    3.1 - Based on the base value of each player on the app, players will be given a 'weekly wage' or cost for them to play on a team. Wage values break down as so:
    $5 mil base value = $100k/wk
    $4 mil base value = $80k/wk
    $3 mil base value = $60k/wk
    $2 mil base value = $40k/wk
    $1 mil base value = $20k/wk
    $500k base value = $10k/wk

    3.2 Each team will be given $1 million for their wage budget to be spent on their roster. Each team must be able to fulfill the minimum roster requirement of 15 players with the wage budget that they are given.

    4.0 ACL Player Restrictions

    4.1 - Each AVL team will only be allowed to have 5 players from the same ACL team at any time. This includes the managers.

    4.1.1 - A transfer will be blocked if it puts a team over the allotted 5 players per ACL restriction.
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2014