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ACL XV Week 5 in Review

Discussion in 'Pro Clubs Media' started by TheePastorDave, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. TheePastorDave New Member

    Dec 22, 2014
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    With one week left of games, its time to look at the potential playoff picture. Our defending ACL Champs, American Outlaws, top the table after taking 57 points in 29 games. This team has been on fire since back in the early weeks of last ACL and look to go into playoffs as one of the favorites, instead of their former roles as underdogs. Rare Footage and Viva fall in at 2nd and 3rd, who are both just a few points away from clinching their own playoff spot. Never Unlucky had a very surprising and poor start to the season, but has turned it all around and have the potential to take one of the top seeds in this year’s playoff race.

    The race for the playoff spots looks like it is going to come down to the wire. Prior to to Week 6 and the reschedules, of course, Never Unlucky, who is in 4th, and Elusive, who are currently in 9th, are all only separated by 3 points, THREE POINTS! Every single remaining game will matter for these 6 teams and at least one of them will find themselves on Twitch next week. After their defenses have given up far too many goals this season, both Kinetic and Bananaz have to really lock it down if they want to remain in the Top 8 come Friday morning. Dumptruck, another team who had a slow start, now sit in 6th (with games in hand) on the back of their strong defense, conceding the 3rd least amount of goals this season. Eclipse has still stood firm as a defensive presence, but will need to score more if they are to take home that elusive ACL Title.

    With outside chances to get in stand Bang Nation, Arrechos, and Black Market. They need a lot of help in order to really stand a chance at taking one of those last spots but it will be an uphill battle. Dark Horse and Prestige should both avoid relegation but that does not mean they can take the week off or they might let Infinite and Footy put them in awkward positions. The Four Aces are statistically able to escape relegation but it is very unlikely. However, Foreplay could win all of their remaining games and will still be relegated. My prediction, this team will break apart before anyone returns to play in D2 next season.

    Playoffs are right around the corner. Three nights will separate the good from the bad, the streamers and the spectating remnant. Good luck to everyone this last week of ACL XV!

    Last edited: Apr 18, 2017