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ACL XV Week 4 in Review

Discussion in 'Pro Clubs Media' started by TheePastorDave, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. TheePastorDave New Member

    Dec 22, 2014
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    Four weeks are dead and done, while playoffs loom large in the eyes of many. Some teams are almost a lock for playoffs. However, our current standings show that the 4th through 11th place teams are only separated by 6 points. Viva, of course, are leading the table on the back of a remarkable defensive presence, conceding only 10 goals in 23 games. Their Goal Differential alone, +32, is more than the total amount of goals scored for 80% of teams in D1 so far this season. Rare Footage is sitting in 2nd, after an impressive season yet again, proving that they are an elite team now and will be for future seasons to come. AO round out the Top 3, looking to go back to back in ACL this FIFA.

    Eclipse, Bananaz, and Kinetic are all equal on points, although Kinetic has more games played. While the points are similar, the way they have been achieved couldn’t be more different. Eclipse has been strong defensively by only conceding single digit goals this season, 8 to be exact. Their scoring presence has been severely lacking, however. On the other side of the spectrum, Bananaz and Kinetic have scored 32 and 30 goals respectively, but both have conceded a whopping 29 goals apiece. Elusive, also has given up far too many goals in the past few weeks compared to the first couple, but still remain in playoff position at 7th. Dumptruck, after struggling early in the season have really put it together and put themselves in a good position to make the playoffs.

    Never Unlucky, with several games in hand have also shrugged off their slow start to earn their way into playoff contention. Both DT and NU have not conceded many goals, but haven’t managed to score as much as needed either. Both have found some shooting boots to climb through the table in the past two weeks, however. Bang Nation’s early FIFA 17 success seems to finally be wearing off and they could very well miss playoffs if the team as a whole does not make some big plays over the coming weeks. Arrechos finds themselves outside the playoffs currently, but a few big wins in their makeup games would throw them right back into the mixer.

    I have seen complaints wondering when certain teams will be mentioned in these reviews, but come on, what is newsworthy about teams averaging 1 point for every game. These kinds of results may survive relegation, but playoffs are a complete unlikelihood. Yes, I am looking at you Black Market and Dark Horse. Prestige, after having a decent start to the season, have also found themselves in this depressing gap in the table. While it is almost assured that Fore Play and The Four Aces will be automatically relegated come seasons end, that final playoff relegation spot remains to be filled with both Footy and Infinite fighting for that all important 15th place spot.

    With less than two weeks to play, all eyes look towards those Top 8 spots. Who will stand strong and who will falter? We will all find out some of that tale this week in Week 5. Good luck!

    Last edited: Apr 18, 2017