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ACL XV Week 2 in Review

Discussion in 'Pro Clubs Media' started by TheePastorDave, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. TheePastorDave New Member

    Dec 22, 2014
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    Week 2 of ACL Season XV is in the books, so it is time for us to take a look back at the ups and downs. Falling out of the Top 5 this week are former ACL Finalists, Bang Nation, after only picking up 4 points all week a. Viva remains in the top spot with an impressive 6 goals conceded after two weeks and a +13 goal differential. Moving up a few spots since last week is Elusive who are only behind the league leaders in goal differential. American Outlaws and Eclipse are on the Top 2’s heels but with an extra game played as well. FC Bananaz have put their defensive sloppiness behind them for the present and have worked their way up into the Top 5 this week, while still boasting a game in hand behind AO and Eclipse.

    Rare Footage still retains their defensive strength, but are not scoring at the same level as last season. Needing some more offense, Rare Footage have turned their eyes away from Jackson and placed their faith in Africa instead. However, they are sitting pretty at just 3 points out of 1st place but with fewer games played than every team in the Top 5. Another story in and of itself, No Autographs or the newly renamed Footy CF are sitting alongside Bang Nation in the last two playoff positions, equal on 17 points after 11 games. NA/FCF only lead the Bang Bros by their goal differential. Only time will tell how well this new Footy/NA team plays going forward. Kinetic, while conceding more than scoring are sitting just outside of the playoff cutoff but with several weeks to catch up.

    Dark Horse has not been overly impressive, but have also not had any devastating results. They are sitting close enough to playoffs to make teams work and just far away from relegation to feel comfortable. Prestige’s lack of scoring has unfortunately caused points to be dropped resulting in a 3 place drop since their position last week. Averaging less than .6 goals a game, the offense has to step up to save their playoff hopes. They hope to achieve this with their addition of Sully and Papayon’s very own CEO, Mr Upper 90. Still a surprise is seeing the old veterans on Never Unlucky sitting in 12th place, although with a few games in hand. The struggle for them is scoring goals, only slotting home 8 goals in 9 games. Adding Midget will probably mean a forward move to ST for Evo after a very strong AVL season, winning the Golden Boot.

    Arrechos have climbed out of the relegation race, at least temporarily. Although with the struggles of several other teams including Foreplay, Infinite, and The Four Aces, Arrechos might feel pretty confident going into the next several weeks of the season. Dumptruck is also a surprise to see so low in the table. However, with 2-4 less games played than most teams in the bottom 5, a few good games could have them jump quickly through the standings. With the transfer window closing tonight and plenty of games yet to be played, the 8 Golden Playoff Spots are still anyone’s for the taking. Good luck to everyone in Week 3!

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