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ACL XV Week 1 in Review

Discussion in 'Pro Clubs Media' started by TheePastorDave, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. TheePastorDave New Member

    Dec 22, 2014
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    The first week of ACL XV is over, so all that is left to do is to look back and see the surprising score lines and discover which veteran teams received an early wake up call. Both ACL Finalists, including our reigning ACL Champions, had productive weeks, each picking up 13 points. American Outlaws, however, do have a game in hand over their former vanquished foes, Bang Nation. As expected, Viva Futbol finally began to care more about ACL than NBA 2K17 and currently have themselves sitting at the top of the table. Right on their heels, is Rare Footage, back again to prove that they belong in the elite class of teams. CKlassen and his back line only conceded 1 goal in 6 games so far this season. Can this defensive stronghold be broken through enough to keep them out of a 1st place finish again this ACL?

    Last minute team builders, Elusive, are back and rounding out the top 5 after a strong week. This team was strong offensively, sharing goals and assists through their whole team. The return of Fiddleton, plus his strong CB partners (Ozzy and Gado) have this team playing great defense as well, picking up 4 clean sheets in Week 1. Although Eclipse might be off to a slow start, you can never count them out of any title race. For this team, the goals will come, especially with the help of last season’s Golden Boot Winner, EcF Thibeault. That Bottleface will continue to come up big by making some important saves as the team continues to build chemistry as the season progresses. No Autographs, led by Iker, a.k.a SoaR GuaRanTeeD, is another team who was a little slow coming out of the gate, but this team has all the potential to be fighting for the top of the table. Considering which teams are absent from the top 8, Prestige is a surprise as they currently sit in that 8th spot. They did not have the greatest of weeks, scoring only 6 goals, while conceding 5. However, they were able to topple both Dumptruck and Never Unlucky in their first week.

    Preseason Champs, FC BananaZ lost some of the magic touch that allowed them to succeed in preseason. Scoring for this team doesn’t seem to be a problem, but the defense has shown itself to be a little shaky. Its only the first week, but three veteran teams, Never Unlucky, Dumptruck, and Kinetic, have been warned that they must much better for the rest of the season if they do not want to miss out on playoffs. With ACL XV being filled with talented teams, more than 1 week of struggles might result in only watching twitch streams come season end.

    After a strong run in the preseason, Arrechos once again finds themselves sitting in a dark place at 16th after only scoring 3 goals and conceding 12. Below them lies Black Market who has only conceded 6 goals, but has only managed to score 1. While the defense seems to be holding steady, the offense must find a way to get things going. Finally, sitting at the absolute bottom is The Four Aces. This team has only 1 point after the first week of ACL XV, and it came from a 0-0 draw. They have not managed to score a single goal yet this season and have conceded 12 goals on top of that. I am not sure what this team will need in order to climb out of relegation or whether this team will even go the distance and complete the season at all. One week is in the books for ACL XV, but far more drama and shocking upsets await. This season could very well shape up to be the best season that ACL has ever seen. Good luck to everyone and let’s find out who really are the current elite teams of our great league!

    Last edited: Mar 19, 2017