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[ACL XII] Week 1 Recap & Top 5 Power Rankings

Discussion in 'Pro Clubs Media' started by Ao I Cheeky, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. Ao I Cheeky #FtcAdmin
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    Aug 29, 2014
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    power ranking.png
    1. Never Unlucky - Starting off our list with a little surprise is Never Unlucky. These boys or should I say men, have been putting on a show for everyone in the first week of games. Grabbing big wins over Xplicit, Serenity and Eclipse who are all playoff contenders. They have also won five of their six this week, putting 21 goals in the net already. Normally a showing like this calls for one or two big player performances, but with this team it looks like everyone has done what they need to do to put their team at first. Will this finally be NU's big break season? Or will they simmer out and settle for a mediocre season yet again?

    2. FC Phoenix - Matching our number ones record, conceding the least amount of goals in the first week (3) are FC Phoenix. While having an "easy" on paper starting week, you cant argue their results, especially when other title contending teams have been falling to said "easy" teams. As FC Phoenix player Luka Lockup has said, "Its not the hard games that matter. Its doing the business against the 95% of not good teams." Picking up some new players and switching things around seems to have not had a negative impact on this team, but rather a positive one. iFarrell for one is finally on a team where his talent might actually get noticed. Im curious to see what he can do with a great supporting cast of players around him. If there is one thing I would be concerned about with this team though, is its plethora of 'should be' starters. Rotating might not be a problem for this team, but will the consistency stick?

    3. Viva Futbol - Dropping huge points to a solid looking True Football and bottom of the table Artistic, this usually dominating team sits third on our rankings. Don’t let those two games fool you though, in their other four games, Viva was…well, Viva. Picking up huge wins over #2 FC Phoenix and last seasons finalists Empire. Although this team is not known for changing their starting eleven much, they have taken in LoCoTrAcK5tAr and Joker l 1 l right before the season started. There is still a lot of controversy in these pickups though. Both players are top quality in their respective positions, but how many games will they actually get? Joker claims he will edge out the starter Viva Tracy when he takes a two week leave, but is it a fantasy or actuality with sources saying FC Serenitys That Bottleface (who is also regarded as a top two GK) is making a move to the ACL Champions. Then there is the situation with LoKo. This is a top CB hands down who may or may not get all the games he thinks he will. Although his situation is more probable than the formers, there is still a big possibility that manager Viva Pep returns to take back his throne.

    4. Xplicit FC - Barely nudging out the team at number 5, is newly formed Xplicit FC. Now I'm not going to lie to everyone reading this, if I had to guess where this team would be by this point with the players they have on paper, I would guess somewhere in seventh or eighth. Their lineup is compiled of bits and pieces of different teams former rosters. However in saying that, I am pleasantly surprised with their performances and the chemistry they were able to form in such a short time. If this team can keep their momentum, I wouldn’t doubt them a serious nuisance to the title race itself. Players like igi Dom l7l, True Muller and Forevershiek have something to prove in the eyes of most and so far it seems like they're proving how good they can be. Although I admittedly havent seen much of this teams play, I can bet that if these three arent performing, Xplicit might have a tough season ahead.

    5. Quality Football - Yes you are reading that right, Quality Football finishes our top 5. Led by AVL finalist manager Air Ronaldo, this team is interesting to say the least. Mixing some VPN vets with some names most have probably never seen before, they have put up some solid performances thus far in the season. Among said vets is TheNatural21, who is also week ones leading goalscorer. This guy reminds me a lot of iFarrell, what I mean by that is hes a great striker, but never really gets his props or mentions. Will he finally be able to show everyone hes not only a top noodle squad member, but also a top striker? Now I cant say this team will go on to win the ACL or finish top 5, but they have done what they need to in the first week to raise some eyebrows. I hope to see this team in future top fives.

    I would like to give a big thanks to everyone who took the time to read this, it may have been a little messy here and there, but its my thoughts on the top 5 after the first week, try not to crucify me too much. Let me know who you think deserves top 5 this week and let me know your reasoning in the comments. Thanks again and I hope to keep doing this until the season is done.
    Thanks to Zephy l 7 l for the Top 5 Power Rankings​
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2016