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ACL XI Champions & Regular Season Accolades

Discussion in 'Hall of Champions' started by Ao I Cheeky, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. Ao I Cheeky #FtcAdmin
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    Aug 29, 2014
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    Congrats to the ACL XI winners, Viva Futbol

    After seeing their previous two seasons end in the quarters and semis respectively, Viva Futbol had a lot to reflect on coming into ACL XI. As with any new FIFA, FIFA 16 gave every team, every player a clean slate to step on the pitch and put in work. With his announced return to the Mexican league, Gringo ST 7 left a gaping hole in the attack for Viva. Arguably one of the best strikers on the game, filling that hole was not an easy task. Viva turned to a familiar face when filling the open striker spot. A former golden boot winner, and ACL champion, eXo Cavani finally changed his GT and became Viva Calvo.
    Not resting on their laurels, Viva also brought in a more than capable mid in SwainAFC, a valuable winger Viva Oscar and perennial title contender, Dirty l 6 l. Viva Oscar, who was with Viva Futbol when they last won, looked to bring back that title hunger that saw them run the league in ACL 7 & 8. The unveiling of Dirty l 6 l brought together a formidable defense featuring three Top 5 Gym members. Bolstering the back, strengthening the mid and bringing in a winning attitude at striker, looked to be the right combination for the Viva boys.
    Viva cruised through the season, failing to get points only twice and tying only 6 total matches. They finished the season in 1st for the 2nd consecutive season and did it convincingly. Finishing 7 points clear, first in goals scored, & 2nd least goals conceded, Viva were on a mission.
    Not looking to squander the chance like last season's 1st place finish, Viva came into the playoffs strong. A lineup change that may have surprised a few people was the introduction of the #MostDecorated Viva Pony into the DM spot alongside a refreshed Rewind l 7 l. That move would end up being a key factor in the eventual title win for Viva.
    The quarterfinals saw Viva dispel ACL 7 rival FHz by 3 goals to 2. The semis brought a tough opponent in FC Phoenix that played them wire to wire, only to fall to Viva 3-4 on aggregate. In a finals that pit #1 Viva against #2 newcomers FC Dragonz, the stakes couldn't have been more higher. All of the build up was for naught though. Only 5 players didn't score or assist in the finals, the defense locked up the Golden Boot winner while stifling the second best attack , and the attack ran through Team of the Season midfielders to get into the net 7 times. After the dust settled and Viva Pep notched a goal for himeself, Viva Futbol finished the season on top.


    3aqDy05.png 4MLTlMi.png 8PxkU5R.png aVnH7Xq.png CBHKYQ9.png Ceg9Ool.png FOKTdBC.png Hv5HlSq.png HXjPrYR.png ijtyPJA.png JQJ2Zv8.png pGYZPic.png rOqZN0j.png TPypddP.png
    Draxler x10 Dirty I 6 I Viva Pony l Franc l SwainAFC Viva Pep Omar l 1 l Rewind l 7 l Ramani x GoodburgermanO Viva Oscar eXo Cavani Tracy l 11 l Viva Suarez

    Viva Futbol Accolades
    calv.png drax.png franc.png osc.png rama.png draxsemi.png tracymotm.png calvfinal.png

    ACL XI Season Awards

    Viva Reyes // 26 Goals Scored

    RkvSdk1.png TOKKFRS.png
    Cheeky Vision & Dom De Falco // 18 Assists

    bUaZopJ.png X8B0Fv1.png
    Aztecas l 8 l & FHz Terry 26 // 19 Defensive Clean Sheets

    wHH Ikerinho // 17 Clean Sheets​

    Many thanks to JimmY x JoneS for the graphics provided for these awards​
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2015
  2. Rav l 10 l New Member

    Mar 4, 2015
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