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ACL X - D1 Team of the Season

Discussion in 'Team of the Season' started by Ao I Cheeky, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. Ao I Cheeky #FtcAdmin
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    Aug 29, 2014
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    In what was another harrowing season of intense virtual football action, the 10th season of the American Clubs League is coming to a close. A season that saw D2 champs Elusive finish 2nd, reigning champs Serenity finish 4th, and Viva Futbol's return to dominance; ACL X has proven to be one of the best yet. As with any league, there are players that stood out more so than others. These players fought tooth and nail to earn points for their squads and this is the fruits for their labor. The FVPAA Media Team presents the team of the season for ACL X.


    Hype razor
    One half of the Elusive strike team, Hype Razor led all strikers this season with 29 goals while assisting for another 19. Add 10 MOTM performances, and you can see why Hype razor is one of your TOTS Strikers

    Rav l 10 l
    The other half of Elusive’s strike team, and this team, Rav l 10 l was more known for his assists, creating 26 goals while scoring 22 on his own. Tack on 10 MOTM’s, and that guaranteed his spot on this team

    Viva Suarez
    The man who controls the strongest attack this ACL, Viva Suarez earns a spot on this list with another great season. Suarez scored 17 goals, while creating 14 for his team. Add on 5 MOTM’s, and you see why he gets the spot

    Omar l 1 l
    One of the best wingers in the game, Omar I 1 I can add another TOTS to potentially go along with another ACL Title. A new home didn't seem to slow down the perennial all-star. Omar racked up 17 Goals, 6 assists, and 3 MOTMs.

    Cherry I 10 I
    A relative newcomer to the American club scene, this feisty Colombian has burst onto the scene and proven his worth at every level. With 8 goals and 14 helpers to help his team reach the playoffs, Cherry looks to be a man on a mission.

    Rewind l 7 l
    Mr. Suave himself has done it yet again. Following what many saw as a disappointing ACL 9, Rewind and his squad have made a return to the top of league. Helping bolster his team to the least amount of goals conceded and a first place finish, Rewind appears to be set on a return to the finals and another championship.

    Zephy l 7 l
    Hide ya kids, hide ya wife as we welcome Zephy into the ranks of TOTS. With numbers rivaling some attackers, Zephy has more than proved his worth when he was brought in by FIFA Harmony. 7 goals and 2 assists helped pave the way for his squad to reach the playoffs

    Viva Pep
    It seems that Pep has gotten his mind off the hardwood and returned to the pitch. He has returned with a vengeance as well. 2 goals, 10 assists, 17 clean sheets! You thought John Wick was back, well you haven't met Pep yet. The stalwart defender helped bring his team back up to prominence, and looks to finish '15 with another title.

    James l 15 l
    After the mass exodus of players, wHH seemed to be doomed. Not willing to give up that easily, James l 15 l righted the ship and brought in players. The backbone of his team, James helped propel his team into the playoffs. snagging 2 goals and getting 6 assists, James set the example for his team.

    There comes a time when being lucky often has to morph into being good. Fiddleton seems to be on that fence right now and gave a performance leading many to consider him the latter. His 6 goals and 8 assists were an astounding number for anyone, let alone a defender. Helping contribute to 14 clean sheets, Fiddle also saw his team finish 2nd in ACL X.

    Tracy l 11 l
    In a season that almost wasn't, Tracy had a great season. Leading all GK’s with 17 clean sheets and allowing a league low in goals. Tracy's first excursion away from the all knowing Calvo has proven to be a fruitful one. Lets see what the playoffs hold.


    bott.png Dirty.png luka.png mac.png calv.png ronaldo.png pony.png

    That Bottleface Dirty I 6 I Luka Lockup MAC I 42 I eXo Cavani Torres l 9 l Viva Pony

    Thanks to That Bottleface for helping with write ups​
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  2. Zephy l 7 l New Member

    Nov 20, 2014
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    Soooooooo Booooooorrreeeddd