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[ACL] Promotion / Relegation Rules

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TGxCFD15, Sep 16, 2014.

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  1. TGxCFD15 #BestAdmin
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    Aug 29, 2014
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    ACL Promotion / Relegation Rules

    1.1 Division Size

    Admins will declare the number of clubs in each division before the start of a new season. These numbers are subject to change each season.

    1.2 Promotion/Relegation

    Admins will declare the promotion and relegation rules before the start of a new season. If a club folds mid-season and cannot be revived, then that club will be relegated in place of active clubs.

    1.3 New Divisions

    When new divisions are created or removed, admins reserve the right to alter the make-up of existing divisions. For example, admins may promote or relegate additional clubs based on their ranking in the league table.

    1.4 Filling Open Spots in a Division

    If a club belonging to a division folds prior to the start of a new season, admins reserve the right to (a) call up a club from another division, or (b) host a mini-tournament during preseason to decide which club to call up. If a mini-tournament is chosen, any players that participate may not join other clubs in the division for the remainder of the transfer window.

    2.1 New Clubs

    New clubs are clubs that did not participate in the prior season and thus are not assigned to a division. New clubs are generally assigned to the lowest division. However, admins reserve the right to assign the club to a higher division.

    2.2 Academy Clubs

    An academy club is affiliated with a parent club in a higher division. An academy clubs may send players up to its parent club outside of the transfer window.

    Academy clubs and parent clubs may not be assigned to the same division. This means that an academy club cannot be promoted to the same division as its parent club. Similarly, an academy club will be relegated if its parent club gets relegated to the same division.

    3.1 Club Ownership

    The founding manager of a club is the first manager listed for that club on the VPN App. The founding manager is considered to be the sole owner of the club. A founding manager can lose ownership in three ways:
    • He is removed by admins. Admins will appoint a new founding manager.
    • He steps down and doesn't appoint a replacement. Admins will appoint a new founding manager.
    • He steps down and appoints a replacement. This is governed by Section 3.2 (read below).
    3.2 Club Management Transfers

    If a founding manager steps down and appoints a replacement, the replacement must be a teammate from the same club. If the transfer happens mid-season, the replacement must have played at least 5 matches with the club during the season. If the transfer happens in the off-season, the replacement must have played at least 10 matches with the club during the prior season.

    This rule is intended to prevent cases where a new player joins a high division club, is assigned founding manager, and then brings his old teammates into the club (in essence, skipping promotion).

    3.3 "Skipping" Divisions Rule

    No more than 5 players from the same lower division club may transfer into the same higher division club in a single season. This rule applies to players who have registered with a lower division club and later attempt to transfer to a higher division club in the same season.

    3.4 Tips for Managers

    Your club is an asset. It is the only thing that guarantees you a spot in your division. If you quit your club and form a new one, you will likely be placed in a low division. Don't transfer ownership of your club to someone you don't trust.
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