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2016 VPN XI

Discussion in 'Team of the Season' started by Vahlstrom, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. Vahlstrom Member

    Nov 5, 2014
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    Before we go through the VPN XI, I would like to acknowledge a special award.

    Utility Player of the Year


    There is no other player who can play multiple positions like Pony. Arguably top 5 at whatever position he decides to play. A dominant defender and intelligent midfielder. Pony had already proven his worth at centerback, winning 5 ACLs at the position. Pony captured his 6th ACL playing CDM, and his 7th ACL playing LM. Maybe next ACL he should replace Andressi? His ability to play anywhere in the lineup and still make a significant impact is unmatched.

    VPN XI



    Bottle has broken through as one of the top goalkeepers in the league. He has had convincing performances through the year. USA's No.1 back stopped his team to a Copa America and a World Cup victory, returning the Americans back to their glory days. His season was almost flawless, except, Bottle has yet to win an ACL title. Coming up short time after time, you would begin to think he has obtained the Vallejos curse. Nonetheless, despite the ACL disappointment, Bottle was stellar throughout the year. If he continues his play, an ACL will be looming.


    After this year, Aztecas has rightfully made the claim of being the best centerback in the league. His ACL performances at centerback have outmatched any other. Finishing with the most cleansheets out of any other defender. A rock at the back and a threat on set pieces, he always seems to find a head on almost every ball. Aztecas won his third ACL to cap off another dominating year.


    After leaving FHz, Ramani has never looked back. This year was no different. Ramani found success as an AVL manager last year, and looked to continue it this year. He didn't get the finish he wanted, but another outstanding defensive display has backed up his case as being a top defender. Ramani was apart of the USA defense that brought back the Copa America and avenged last years World Cup final loss to France. Add another two ACL titles and you can say it was just another day at the office for Ramani.

    masters.png masters.png masters.png

    The risng of Never Unlucky this year had to have some key players to their success. Masters was undoubtedly one of them. Masters was the heart of NU's championship defense. Picking up CS leader in both ACL and AVL. His positioning and awareness were major factors to his individual and team success. He will be an important piece to NU next year if they want to compete for their 2nd title.

    Hv5HlSq.png rewind.png rewind.png

    Like his partner, Vallejos, Rewind is in a exclusive class of elite midfielders. Rewind has won another 2 ACL titles, I don't think there has been one FIFA where he hasn't finished with atleast 1 ACL in the bag. His ability to read the game and break down plays is unparalleled. He can also score as a deep-lying midfielder. He always seems to find an opportunity to get a shot outside box, most of which are deadly. In AVL, he finished as a surprise golden boot winner, which displays his versatility. As a defender or goalkeeper, I have played behind almost every top DM. Rewind is by far the best I've played with, he makes the defense and goalkeepers job much easier.

    vallejos.png vallejos.png

    Celebrating his first ACL title after being apart of the league since the beginning, He will have another reason to celebrate. Vallejos has been a force in the midfield all year long. A player gifted offensively and defensively. Despite coming up short in AVL, he did put on a TOTS perfomance in AVL 8. After losing another final in ACL 12, Vallejos finally broke his curse the next ACL with Most Decorated. A talented and durable player that can play up and down the central midfield has rightfully deserved a spot on the VPN XI.

    omar.png FOKTdBC.png
    omar.png omar.png

    A long time veteran of this league proved again why he is one of the most successful midfielders in the game. The highly talented dribbler obtained glory both club wise and internationally. 2 ACL titles and 2 iFVPA titles. Omar was the top goal-scorer and vital player in MD's recent ACL title win. Even after many years he has shown no signs of slowing down and looks to continue his play in FIFA 17.


    One of FIFA's oldest players has finally start to make a break through. Finally won his first ACL this year. A durable and smart player. Although he only has one title to show for it. Diggs was close to multiple individual awards with his consistent play. Not a fancy dribbler like Omar, but he gets the job done in his own way.

    suarez.png TPypddP.png andres.png andres.png

    El Uruguayo has made yet another appearance on the VPN XI, and rightfully so. Arguably the best attacking midfielder in the game, Andressi has led Viva Futbol to 2 ACL titles this year. Although he is still looking for his first AVL title since FIFA 13, Andres proved in AVL you can put anyone around him and he'll still continue to be all over the scoresheet. A player that makes the ones around him better. The biggest accomplishment for him this year was bringing USA their first title in 3 years at Copa America. Then capturing the World Cup shortly after, the only manager to do so. A complete offensive player.

    draxler.png 3aqDy05.png drax.png pedro.png

    He has evolved from the old quiet Lectural that we once knew. Now he is winning ACLs, and International titles with ease. Draxler has been one of the most consistent players throughout the year. Always making an impact, and providing for his team. His ability to take players on and create space is on another level, also has a little finish as well. Being the go-to striker on both Viva and iFVPA USA. After winning the Copa America, Draxler joins an exclusive group of players that have won titles in ACL, AVL, and iFVPA.

    hype.png hype.png

    If I were to tell you at the beginning of FIFA 16 that Hype would make the VPN XI, you would think I'm crazy. As the year went on you, would probably think I'm a little less crazy. Hype has proved to be a consistent goalscorer through the year. Finishing top 10 in goal scoring in just about every ACL and AVL season. Also adding his first major title winning AVL 7, has backed up his case as a top forward. Although he isn't the flashiest of players, his persistent grind and ability to be at the right place at the right time has proved time and time again that he can score against any team in any situation.

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