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New Profile Posts

  1. DaddyAikens8
  2. TheMuffinMan740
    Message me on Xbox. GT. ThatCreamCheese
  3. BallparkMedal0
    St/CAm looking for trial for vpn team. IGN BallparkMedal0
  4. D0S eXeL
    D0S eXeL
    Looking for a club
  5. mattzoid87
    Just wana play fifa Pro in a team that passes and plays their position.
  6. Dolberg x 25
  7. Isnarky
    Looking for a trial
  8. Isnarky
    ST/Playmaking mid looking for tryout.
  9. Fusion Iniesta
    Fusion Iniesta
    90 attacking mid preferred cam looking for club or league try out
  10. QNag
    88 RM, 88 CDM, 88 CAM
  11. Ao I Cheeky
    Ao I Cheeky PRDT acobos00
    have you created your team on the site yet?
  12. rocket717
  13. MusclesBruh
    If you aint fit you aint shit!
  14. Xxcap1xx
    89 st looking for a club
  15. Keithobses
  16. japedLiz
  17. Keithobses
  18. JAassassin
    JAassassin Islandrast
    Yo mi G, where mi can link wid some a di yard man dem pon PS4?
  19. Williamzxchala
  20. JAassassin
  21. KenryLip
  22. JamesPhign
  23. l Ruthless l 21
  24. Samronaldo7
    Just joint Im looking for a club to play with. I'll play mid or fwd anywhere in either
  25. msksexjef